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How It Works For Sticker Holders

Once you have purchased your C'EST LA VIE P.A.R.I.S sticker you can use it at selected stores and save money through discounts.
Stickers are valid every time you visit any of the stores or use any of the services from our Affiliates Listing.
Look cool, stylish and classy with our sticker on your phone or mobile device.

How It Works For Business

Worldwide traffic is provided to your business through our hard work and many marketing efforts online and on ground, where it matters most.
Our customers display their stickers to other persons, which creates a buzz in which the
names on our Affiliates List are mentioned, in turn, promoting your business.
We provide incentives to patronize your business.

How To Get Your Stickers

We have a few ways for you to purchase and collect your stickers. Stickers can be purchased online, at a collection point or through one of our sales representatives. Sign up now for a variety of special deals, giveaways or prizes.

Additional Services For Business

Businesses can request a larger size sticker or banner, of their required dimensions, for placing on business premises. This will bring awareness to the public of the sticker acceptance.
Businesses can request the promoting of their special deals, giveaways or prizes.

Purchase your stickers

To purchase your stickers click the link below

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Expressing yourself and your inner light

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Fashionably Attractive and Impressive

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Here you can visit all businesses accepting your stickers.

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