How To Get Your Business Listed

Business Listing

How To Get Your Business Listed

One of the most effective ways of marketing, building business awareness, providing a large flow of traffic to businesses which will increase your numbers with very little effort on the business owner’s part.

We at SDN EMPIRE have a team of enthusiastic sales representatives who do online marketing and who go out to the public; offices, schools, places of entertainment, malls, etc, educating persons more about the businesses which are on our affiliates list. Persons interested in those discounts will then need a sticker which can be purchased from the sales representatives or online at

This sticker provides discounts in many stores. The business owners decide on what discount they think is fit enough to encourage customers to patronize their business. This discount can be amended at anytime, taking into account that the sticker program is continuously giving set discounts until it is decided to be terminated, if desired.

The public can place the sticker onto the back of their phones or mobile device for quick access when purchasing at the stores and also for safe keeping. Depending on how the sticker owner maintains the sticker, it will last 4 -10 months, even a year. After then, another sticker would be purchased.

With persons having the sticker, it then gives them incentives to visit the stores on the list rather than random stores or businesses, taking into account the sticker is always on their phone, which serves as a reminder of the stores in the event this person wants to make a particular purchase or patronize a store on our affiliate list.

The sticker holder will  most probably be asked by another person “what’s this on your phone?” Now the sticker holder would explain to the persons asking the question, which would lead them into a conversation regarding the stickers and the stores. This is extra free marketing from person to person, whereas loyalty cards, coupons and vouchers are hidden and do not create that free all day marketing which is achievable by the sticker.

This sort of person to person marketing now creates more interests with persons wanting a sticker, as persons usually trust a friend on getting something which the other has, once it is beneficial. This will follow the same pattern of patronising the businesses on the affiliate list and also word of mouth marketing to someone else regarding this exciting new and never been done sticker strategy promotion, of ONE STICKER WHICH PROVIDES DISCOUNTS ALL THE TIME. These stickers are not only promoted by word of mouth but become a household name. What the sticker does and who’s on the affiliate list is a huge talking point as sticker holders carry their phones or mobile devices everywhere.

Regardless of a sticker holder not patronizing, your business still gets this free marketing locally and internationally, as we’ve mentioned that we generate online traffic from our clothing brand and the SDN EMPIRE ‘property and vehicles sales and rental business’ and any other business venture, including the sticker promotions. Your business will forever be marketed for FREE.

    • Joining our list is FREE.
    • We advertise for you FREE.
    • We have 100 percent reason to market your business as we sell the C’EST LA VIE P.A.R.I.S sticker to the public.

It is a win win situation for every business owner on the list. As persons are patronising your business with the STICKER, you now have the traffic both on ground and online and it is now up to you, the business owner, to do what you think is best with all this traffic of persons, in regards to growing your business and capitalising on the profits.

We also provide to the business owner a selection of BUSINESS STICKERS with Dimensions: 18.5cm x 24.5cm or Dimensions: 24.5cm x 18.5cm, which will be stuck on the business-front indicating to customers and passersby that this business accepts the C’EST LA VIE P.A.R.I.S sticker or is on the affiliates list. With business owners doing such, it creates a sense of togetherness amongst all businesses on the affiliates list and benefits everyone.

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Purchase Business Stickers For Your Business

This will bring awareness to the public of the sticker acceptance.
Businesses can request the promoting of their special deals giveaways or prizes via our newsletter mail shot.